Estate Litigation

The death of an individual often causes financial disputes between executors/administrators and beneficiaries or creditors. It can often be difficult to take action or defend your interests after the passing of a loved one, but an experienced attorney can be very helpful at such an emotional time.

Whether you are an heir or beneficiary of the estate, a family member unjustly being denied an inheritance, or a trustee or executor whose actions are being challenged, you should be represented by experienced counsel. You may have concerns that you have been unjustly cut out of a trust or will or that a trust or will was unduly influenced (see will contest), or someone may be the  victim of financial elder abuse, by either a family member, a “financial advisor”, a caregiver  or a  stranger. Sometimes it is necessary to seek removal of a trustee for breach of fiduciary duty, financial mismanagement, misappropriation, improper accounting, or other improprieties. You may be a creditor who is owed money, or a trustee or executor of an estate who needs guidance or defending against legal challenges .

For over 30 years Clifford B. Cohn has been litigating in Orphan’s Court in Pennsylvania serving the needs of beneficiaries, creditors and individuals who have an interest in an estate. Mr. Cohn was instrumental in resolving a multimillion dollar estate when he petitioned to have the executors removed for misconduct. (See Neuman Estate in Representative cases.)

Trust Disputes

In addition to will contests and estate Litigation, Mr. Cohn has represented individuals involved in trust dispute litigation. These disputes arise in a variety of trusts including living trusts, testamentary trusts, educational trusts, etc that people or organizations have established to govern the distribution of assets. Beneficiaries often become unhappy with the services of a trustee, resulting from improper investments, breach of fiduciary duties, stealing funds, fraud, or failing to follow the requirements of a the trust document.

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